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Last Updated: Saturday November 01 2008 13:35 GMT

Rock stars rule at gaming awards

A still from Guitar Hero III

Rock stars ruled at this year's Golden Joystick awards - the gaming equivalent of the Oscars.

Guitar Hero 3, which uses guitar-shaped controllers to let you play at being a rock star, was voted best family game.

It beat the likes of Rock Band, Wii Fit and Lego Star Wars to pick up the prize after organisers counted the votes of more than 850,000 gaming fans.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass was also a winner, being named Handheld Game of the Year at the London bash.

After the awards, the guitar hero team explained why they think their game's such a success.

"Not just kids can play it," they said. "It's a game where your mum and dad can pick up a guitar and feel like a rock star, because it's not just kids who want to be rock stars, our parents want to be too."