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Last Updated: Monday October 27 2008 11:23 GMT

Plan to make Halloween less scary

Ore and Halloween friends

Halloween is just too scary for children, and needs to be made much less frightening, says a children's charity and the Church of England.

They think it's not right that children can dress up like scary monsters, and want costumes to be more fun.

Instead they'd rather see children trick or treating dressed as things like pirates.

They're also organising 500 "Happy Halloween" parties around the country that won't be frightening.

Mark Davies, the bishop of Middleton, said: "We realised a few years ago that in our area, some of the supermarkets were selling some pretty gruesome masks.

Ore and Halloween friends
"We realised also that a number of parents and people in communities were very simply wanting a choice - they didn't want to go with the gruesome and horrible.

"We approached some of the supermarkets and asked them to give people that choice, and I'm delighted to say that a number have agreed, and that choice is now available."