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Last Updated: Monday October 27 2008 07:16 GMT

Prince Harry wants to be a pilot

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Prince Harry wants to be a helicopter pilot in the army, following in the footsteps of his big brother William.

Harry, who has been in the army for two-and-a-half years, has started his bid to be selected as an army pilot.

Army bosses say it's a very tough course, and around half of the soldiers who want to be pilots fail to make it.

As well as Prince William, Harry's dad Prince Charles and uncle Prince Andrew have all flown helicopters in the military too.

Harry has shown he is able to fly helicopters, and now has to complete a four-week course, during which he has to prove he can get better at flying.

An apache helicopter
Prince Harry wants to fly an Apache helicopter like this one
If he does that he will begin a 16-month long course, in the hope of flying one of the army's three types of helicopters.

Harry has been to war

He may fly other troops around in a Gazelle or Lynx helicopter, or fly an Apache helicopter which is used to attack the enemy.

Prince Harry has served in Afghanistan with his regiment the Blues and Royals, but at the moment it's not known if he would be allowed to fly helicopters in a war zone.