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Last Updated: Thursday October 30 2008 06:47 GMT

Is Redknapp's move to Spurs a good thing?

Harry Redknapp (Photo by: Nick Potts/PA Wire)

It's all change at Tottenham and Portsmouth, because Pompey boss Harry Rednapp is moving to Spurs after Juande Ramos was sacked as manager.

Things weren't all bad for Spurs under Ramos, earlier this year they beat Chelsea to get the Carling Cup with him as boss.

But Tottenham has made its worst start to the Premier League system EVER, so club bosses are hoping Harry Rednapp can save the day.

But do YOU think they've made a good move?

Can Spurs fans look forward to some better results, and what do the changes mean for Portsmouth?

Unfortunately, this subject has now closed, but there are other things to talk about on the chat page.

Your comments

"I am an Arsenal supporter but I think Harry Redknapp is the person Spurs need to avoid relegation."

Dominic, 11, London, England

"Harry Redknapp is a LEGEND. He will do Spurs proud."

Dean, 12, Brighton, England

"Harry Redknapp is going to do well at spurs because Juande Ramos was doing very badly."

Dylan, 10, Glamorogan, Wales

"He should have stayed at Portsmouth. Why move clubs if Pompey are doing well and Spurs are doing badly? He should have thought about the job at Spurs for longer and not thought about it overnight! Good luck to him!"

Georgia, 9, North Wales

"I think it's AMAZING. My dad didn't stop going on about it ALL day. IT'S A GREAT THING."

Jamie, 10, London, England

"My brother is a Spurs fan and he is ecstatic!!!"

Adam, 12, Durham, England

"Harry will help Spurs to get on top form again like last year, when they won the Carling Cup."

Jake, 11, Wakefield, England

"No, it is not a good idea, because he has done well before, so why change clubs?"

Ellen, 13, London, England

"Redknapp is one of the best managers in the world. He won the FA Cup and knocked Manchester United out. He is top class."

Sean, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"I'm a big Spurs fan and it's brilliant Tottenham have got a new manager, maybe now we can win a game."

James, 11, Essex, England

"I thought Spurs performed awesome today and I cannot wait to see Harry with Spurs in the next match."

Luke, 12, Swansea, England

"I think that Spurs will become fantastic now they've got Redknapp. He's a good manager and I hope that he brings his son as his assistant."

Jordan, 12, Birmingham, England

"I am very pleased for Spurs fans and I hope they stay up."

Jonathan, 12, Stafford, England

I support Spurs and I am really glad Ramos has left and we have Harry Redknapp because he was a great footballer and he is a great manager. Go Spurs!!!

Chloe, 11, Newport, Wales

"A manager can't change a team"

Ben, 10, Manchester, England

"I do think that Harry Redknapp will make a difference."

Tom, 12, Warwickshire, England

"I don't care if Pompey fans say it's the wrong choice; he prefers bigger clubs like Spurs and we're no longer going to be relegated."

Alex, 10, Lincolnshire, England

"I think it's a great move because I'm a Spurs fan and I think Ramos was a bad manager because when he became our manager we went from 11th to LAST. But last year Redknapp saved Portsmouth from getting relegated so I think its a good move."

Tilly, 11, Colchester, England

"I think he should of stayed at Portsmouth because Portsmouth are not bottom of the Premier League but Tottenham are. Harry Redknapp should have stayed at Portsmouth because he is too good for Tottenham."

Chazzley, 13, Norfolk, England

"It wasn't a good idea to sack someone for someone else, and Redknapp should of stayed at Portsmouth."

Bradley, 10, Leicestershire, UK

"I am a Chelsea fan so I don't really know. But my mum is a Spurs fan and said it is great and started cheering because last year Redknapp saved Pompey from getting relegated, so hopefully Spurs will get the extra boost and get knocked up from the bottom three (YEAH YEAH!!!) Come on Chelsea!!!"

Sacha, 11, Peterborough, UK

"I think it was a good idea to sack Juande Ramos to then have Harry Redknapp because he can make Spurs go up in the league a bit."

Victoria, 10, East Sussex, England

"I think it's a good thing because I think that Spurs should stay in the Premier League as they deserve to because they got all their best players sold. And Redknapp has got a good record."

Angus, 9, Scotland

"Spurs have got the best players in the world and Redknapp will do great with them and hopefully get them in the top half of the league."

Michael, 11, Greenock, Scotland

"Harry Redknapp is stupid to go to Tottenham because he won't be able to make them good."

Ashley, 11, Gosport, England

"I don't think that much of it because I'm a Chelsea fan, but I don't think it will make much difference because it's how the team play, not how they get managed."

Zac, 10, Hinckley, England

"No!!! Bad move! He's done so well with Pompey, got star players etc so why leave now?"

Layla, 14, Dunstable, UK