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Last Updated: Thursday October 23 2008 12:28 GMT

New school lessons on growing up

A young couple holding hands

If your school lessons don't already include classes about growing up, how your body changes, relationships and having babies, they soon will.

At the moment, if you live in England your school decides how much they tell you about growing up and at what age.

Now the government wants to make sure that everyone learns the same stuff.

Lessons will start when you're five and over the years teach you more about the differences between boys and girls and what happens when you get older.

It's hoped that introducing the lessons in schools across England will help to reduce the number of teenage mums.

At the moment, more teenagers have babies in the UK than in any other country in Europe.

Lessons about the facts of life are already taught in Northern Ireland and Wales, but in Scotland it's still up to the schools.

But not everyone's happy about the lessons. Some people think it should be up to your mum and dad to talk to you about this kind of stuff.

And you could get slightly different lessons if you go to a religious school.