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Last Updated: Wednesday October 22 2008 13:51 GMT

In pics: Scaly snakes used for massages

Snakes on someone's foot

Loads of people like keeping snakes as pets, but do you know anyone who'd find it relaxing to let a load of snakes slither all over them?

Snakes on someone's back

Well, it seems that some people do as a salon in Israel is offering snake massages to help people relax and ease their aches and pains!

Ara Barack putting snakes on someone

Ara Barak came up with the idea for the unusual massages after noticing how relaxed her friends became after holding her pet snakes.

A woman with snakes on her face

The type of massage depends on the snakes - the larger California and Florida king snakes are said to help aching muscles, while the smaller corn and milk snakes create a fluttering effect!

A mouse on someone's feet

None of the snakes are poisonous, but if that's not enough to convince you to give it a go how about trying a mouse foot massage instead?!