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Last Updated: Saturday November 15 2008 12:00 GMT

My school bag gave me back pain


Press Packer Siena's bag was so heavy she started getting back pain and had to see a specialist.

Here's her story about what happened.

"My back started to hurt when I changed schools.

At my new school my classroom was on the top floor and every morning I had to carry a very, very heavy book bag up the stairs filled with all my books for the day.

Maybe there were eight books plus my notebooks so I was carrying kilos of weight!


The weight of this bag began to put strain on my shoulders and then my back started to ache.

I asked my mummy if there was anywhere I could get help as there was no way to carry around fewer books.

Clicking noises

My mummy suggested I go to a chiropractor that she knows.

Press Packer Siena
When I got there Laurie the chiropractor took a look at my back and soon worked out what the problem was.

She made some strange clicking noises in my back and neck.

When she finished it took a little bit of time to stop feeling sore but sure enough, it did work.


She told me to come and see her in two weeks time and did a few more things.

She also asked me to ask the teachers if I could come and get the books I needed for my next lesson every break time and leave the rest in my locker.

My posture has definitely changed and thank goodness I am not on the top floor this year."

Siena, 10, London

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