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Last Updated: Tuesday October 21 2008 14:22 GMT

Cinema cancels 9am HSM3 screening

Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical 3

A cinema in Norwich has got into a big row with local schools over plans to start showing High School Musical 3 at 9am on a school day.

The Vue cinema had planned the 9am screening for Wednesday, which caused local schools to complain as it may have encouraged pupils to bunk off.

We sent film fan Ricky to find out what was going on...

"I've spent the day in Norwich at the Vue cinema. Not to catch up on the latest movies but because of a big row that's been taking place between the cinema and teachers at a nearby school.

Teachers were angry because the cinema had planned to show the latest High School Musical film on Wednesday at 9am. It wanted to be the first cinema in the whole country to screen HSM3!

Ricky outside the Vue cinema in Norwich
Later in the afternoon, cinema bosses changed their mind about the screening.

Vue released a statement saying they had made a mistake and they have strict rules about truancy. So they've moved the time of the first showing to a later slot.

The statement added that the local manager had thought it was half-term when he decided on the early showing.

Would kids bunk off?

Most schools in Norfolk don't break up for half-term until next week.

High School Musical
Teachers were worried that such an early screening would tempt kids to bunk off school.

Earlier I spoke to headteacher Paul Stanley. He told me he was angry that cinemas were more concerned about making money and pulling in young audiences by showing the film so early during a school day.

Some of the kids I spoke to said they wanted to bunk off school to see the film, but they knew they weren't allowed."