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Last Updated: Monday October 20 2008 13:02 GMT

We met famous poet Michael Rosen

Children's Laureate, Michael Rosen

Press Packers Hannah and Rion celebrated Children's Book Week at a special event with Children's Laureate, Michael Rosen.

Here's what happened in their day.

"Last week Years 4 and 5 from our school went on an incredible trip.

Press Packer Hannah on the London Eye
Press Packer Hannah
We took a flight on the London Eye and heard Michael Rosen, Children's Laureate, perform poetry at the Queen Elizabeth Hall for Children's Book Week.

We boarded the London Eye full of anticipation and excitement. We jumped onto the pod quickly and from the pod we could see Big Ben, the Gherkin, Buckingham Palace, Wembley, the River Thames and London Bridge.

One poem

Michael Rosen speaking with Press Packer Rion
Michael Rosen with Rion
When we were in the sky we felt so high it seemed as though we were in the clouds. Some children (including us!) felt scared as well as excited.

Later, inside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, all the children from a variety of schools wrote down a line of poetry of their own on big sheets of paper about what they could see from the London Eye and the River Thames.

Michael Rosen then shared these ideas and we wrote one poem.


Michael Rosen reciting a poem
Michael Rosen
Afterwards we watched Michael perform some of his poems.

This was amazing. We especially enjoyed hearing some of the poems we had read and listened to in class performed live!

Finally, after a lovely lunch, we walked back to school - inspired and ready to write our own poems (and some of us even managed to get Michael's autograph too!).

Hannah and Rion, 9, London

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