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Last Updated: Monday October 20 2008 08:17 GMT

Game delayed over Islam phrases

Little Big Planet

A video game that's expected to be one of the biggest of the year has been delayed as it could offend Muslims.

Some background music used in the game, called Little Big Planet, contains phrases from the Koran, which is the holy scripture for Islam.

Now Sony, who are behind the game, has taken all the copies out of shops while it removes the music from it.

The altered version of the game is expected to go on sale in November, and is only available on the PlayStation 3.

The Koran, also called the Qu'ran is the most holy text in Islam. Mixing music and words from it could be considered deeply offensive by Muslims.

The game was made by a company called Media Molecule for Sony.

It's a platform game in which players control a cute character called Sackboy and guide him through levels.

The game has got experts very excited, because a big part of it is about using the game to create levels which you can then put online, and let other people rate and play.