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Last Updated: Friday October 17 2008 12:59 GMT

US rivals joke before election

John McCain and Barack Obama greet each other at a charity event

The two men battling it out to be the next US President bumped into each other at a charity dinner on Thursday.

John McCain of the Republican Party and Barack Obama of the Democrats were in good spirits at the celebrity-studded event to raise money for poor children.

This comes just 24 hours after the pair were fighting it out in their last live TV debate before the election.

In the debate they clashed over the country's big cash crisis, and also about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They also argued over and over again about who would help out the average American person the most.

'Pres Packers'

We've hooked up with some kids in the town of Culpeper in the State of Virginia, who will be sending us webcams to keep us updated throughout the elections.

Here are the latest opinions from our 'Pres Packers'...

Alexis thinks Obama is taking the lead because people are ready for a change. And that this means Obama will win.

Ashley reckons the issues affecting people the most are the economy, the war, healthcare and education.

Elena thinks that Obama means change and this is what most people want. She thinks people think Obama is the best bet.

Oscar reckons Obama is doing well because he has lots of good ideas which are well planned out. And he thinks people care most about things like taxes and the economy.

Mr Obama is said to have done slightly better in the debate than Mr McCain.

Made up their minds

But with just over two weeks of campaigning to go, anything could happen to make people change their minds.

And the experts point out that maybe one in five Americans hasn't made up their minds at all yet.