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Last Updated: Thursday October 16 2008 16:17 GMT

Reds fans saved from travel chaos

Liverpool fans in Athens

Liverpool fans have been saved from a nightmare trip to watch their club's next Champions League match.

European football bosses Uefa had ordered the match with Atletico Madrid to played in another city, leaving Liverpool fans' travel plans in chaos.

Atletico have been banned from playing in their own stadium for two matches after trouble at one of their games.

But on Thursday afternoon, Uefa changed their mind, and said the match would go ahead in Madrid as planned.

It's good news for as many as 3,000 Liverpool fans, who had already sorted out their flights to Madrid, and booked hotel rooms.

But a lot of those fans are angry that they've been messed around so much.

The punishment was handed out after Atletico played Marseille on 1 October. As well as crowd chants from the Spanish fans, there was also trouble between police and French fans.

The punishment was decided by Uefa, who are in charge of European football and organise the Champions League competition.

Big fine for Atletico

Now Uefa has decided to delay the matches Atletico have to play away from home, to later in the competition.

Marseille fans at Atletico Madrid's ground
There was a lot of crowd trouble at Atletico's last home game in Europe
Atletico were fined 117,000 by Uefa and their manager Javier Aguirre is barred taking any part in the club's next two Champions League games, both against Liverpool.

Atletico bosses say the the fans weren't chanting racist abuse, and added that Uefa bosses have got confused about crowd chants that were in support of one of the Spanish side's own players.