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Last Updated: Thursday October 16 2008 13:15 GMT

In pics: Sporting heroes' victory parade


Newsround's Maddy and Ricky headed into London to track Britain's sporting heroes from the Olympics and Paralympics during their victory homecoming parade.


No sign of them yet, but they must be on the way... What's it like where Ricky is?

Sports fans lining the route

"We're bang in the centre of London," said Ricky. "People are starting to gather on the pavement, but there aren't that many so far. Kids from schools in London are getting really excited though! Most want to see Rebecca Adlington."

Ricky waiting for the homecoming paade

This photo was taken moments before the parade went by. Afterwards Ricky said: "They went by just as we were filming, it was so exciting and the crowd were cheering so loud!"

Rebecca Addlington and Ellie Simmonds

"I even got to wave at Ellie Simmonds," said Ricky. "She looked like she was having loads of fun, laughing away on one of the floats!"

The parade going through London

As the parade headed towards Maddy in Trafalgar Square, Ricky said: "Crowds are starting to pick up, but there aren't the hundreds of thousands that were predicted. I guess that's because it's been two months since the Games in Beijing..."

Tom Daley

Maddy's just spotted Tom Daley. "All the stars have just gone past us, Tom Daley even did a shout out for Newsround," she said. "It's pretty chilly but everyone's excited."

Maddy and Ricky

It will take more than cold weather to stop Ricky and Maddy getting into the spirit of the parade.

Ricky looking out at the crowds

"It's so loud here!!," said Ricky. "My ears! But it's been really good fun - it's not everyday you spot athletes that you've been watching over the summer on TV, right in front of you on the streets of London!"

Union Jack flag

"Things are starting to die down now here in Trafalgar Square," said Ricky. "Now I hear some of the athletes are off to have tea with the Queen!"