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Last Updated: Wednesday October 15 2008 16:05 GMT

Ore unwraps the top Christmas toys

Ore unwraps the top Christmas toys

Believe it or not, Christmas isn't too far round the corner.

For lots of people that means presents so I went to unwrap the toys expected to top Christmas lists in December.

I was at Dream Toys in London, where loads of the UK's top toy-makers show off their newest stuff so that shops know what to put in their windows.

There were so many toys around, it felt like Christmas mixed in with a bit of birthday too!

Newsround toy testers Jordan and Lillybet
Even though I couldn't take anything home with me it was a great chance to take a good look at some of the best toys around this year. But testing toys is too important a job to leave to me...

I was joined by Jordan and Lillybet who together would be Newsround's top team of testers.

I gave them both my four favourite toys to rate - they had to decide which one would be the biggest hit.

Ore's four fave toys

My favourite four toys were the High School Musical 3 dance mat, FurReal Buscuit the dog, Star Wars the Clone Trooper voice changer and Guitar Rockstar.

My testers, armed with handy clipboards and dressed in lab coats, had a good look at them all. They had to think about a few things, including value for money, fun factor, whether it was cool and whether they'd keep playing with it.

After a lot of thinking, a lot of playing and a fair bit of rocking, Jordan and Lillybet found their favourite.

We made a lot of noise with it but, as the cheapest toy and a brilliant fun factor, our Christmas number one was….Guitar Rockstar!