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Last Updated: Wednesday October 15 2008 14:07 GMT

New Bond movie given 12a rating

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Children WILL be allowed to see the new James Bond film in cinemas, after it was given a 12a rating.

The people who decide what ratings a film is given told Newsround the new film - Quantum of Solace - is not as violent as Casino Royale.

The rating means the BBFC think only children older than 12 should see the film, unless their parents are sure they can cope with it.

But she did admit some of the violence was at the top end of a 12a rating.

Sue Clark from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) said she'd be surprised if there was a row over the rating of Quantum of Solace.

Quantum of Solace advice
Daniel Craig as James Bond and Christian Bale as Batman
It's NOT as scary or dark as The Dark Knight
It's a bit less violent than Casino Royale (imagine the film without the opening scene and the one in which Bond is tortured)
Violence is at the top end of a 12a rating
Bond movies are the sort of films 12a ratings were created for, as there would be lots of complaints if there were no way for children to watch them.

Earlier this year a row about the rating for the second Batman film, The Dark Knight, started because people thought it was much too scary for children.

The BBFC said the new Bond film isn't as scary as Batman, and doesn't have the same dark tone that film has.

But they did suggest watching Casino Royale again before seeing the new one, as Quantum of Solace starts moments after the story of the last film ends, and it's easy to forget who some of the characters are!