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Last Updated: Wednesday October 15 2008 15:02 GMT

In pictures: Top toys for Christmas

The all-singing all-dancing Elmo Live

Want to know what the next big things will be in the world of toys? Well, according to the people who buy and sell them, this all-singing all-dancing Elmo is one of them.

Cupcake maker

And they reckon this cupcake maker will go down a treat!

Children playing the Bakugan game

Bakugan is a marble morphing trading card game, but will you be desperate to get your hands on one of the battle brawler starter kits this Christmas?

A girl trying out the High School Musical dance mat

Maybe you'd prefer something more energetic... If so, the experts reckon you'll love this High School Musical dance mat.

Newsround presenter Ore

Ore seems to like it. Maybe he's got an eye on a part in High School Musical 4...

Newsround presenter Ore

That wasn't the only toy Ore made sure he had a play with - this is Rockstar Guitar. It was a good job that our Newsround toy testers were there to give him some lessons.

Boys wearing voice-changer masks

Lots of the toys are based on TV shows or films. Check out these Star Wars and Dalek voice changers - now you can sound like your favourite fictional baddies!

Ore and his new friend

Ahhh, Ore's found a new friend. But what's a dog doing at an event to show off toys?

A girl with FurReal Biscuit, My Lovin' Pup

Dogs are always on Christmas wish lists but take lots of looking after, so toy makers made this life-size alternative. But with such a tiny brush it could take a while to groom!