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Last Updated: Tuesday October 14 2008 15:54 GMT

Kids take big risks for fireworks

Fireworks at the Olympics in China

Children are being warned to stop taking risks with fireworks, as some of them mess around with illegal ones.

It's against the law to buy fireworks if you're younger than 18 in the UK, so some children are breaking the law to get hold of them.

Some of those fireworks are actually being made at home by children, and are called Do It Yourself Fireworks.

A firefighter told Newsround home-made fireworks are dangerous because no-one knows when they're going to explode.

Firefighter Danny Cannon
Firefighter Danny Cannon
Firefighter Danny Cotton said in 2007 more than 500 people younger than 16 were hurt by fireworks.

She added that they are unpredictable and can explode as soon as they've been lit, burning hands or even blowing off fingers.

You can only buy fireworks in Northern Ireland if you are older than 16, and you also need a special license.