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Last Updated: Tuesday October 14 2008 14:59 GMT

Peter Kay and Leon's chart battle

Peter Kay as Geraldine McQueen

A made-up pop star could be about to beat X Factor winner Leon Jackson to the top of the charts.

Leon has released his new single this week, but a track from a singer called Geraldine McQueen is only just behind him in sales.

But Geraldine is not a real person. She is really comedian Peter Kay, and is a character from a comedy TV show.

The programme made fun of TV talent shows like the X Factor, and now a joke song from it could have the last laugh.

The programme was made to look just like the final episode of the X Factor, and was called Britain's Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice.

Leon Jackson and Geraldine
At the end the winner of the show sang a track called The Winner's Song, which sounded a bit like the kind of tune the winner of the X Factor tends to release in time for Christmas.

But the people behind the made-up show decided their song sounded so good that it would be released, and now it could sell more copies than the the type of track it's poking fun at.