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Last Updated: Monday October 13 2008 15:18 GMT

Kids feel effects of cash crisis

Taking money out of a cashpoint

The news is full of stories about the world's cash crisis and how it's affecting banks and businesses, but what can you do if it's affecting YOU?

Everyone's starting to feel the pinch from the financial industry's problems as banks and businesses struggle to hold on to their cash.

So we asked money saving expert Martin Lewis what it could mean for you and how to make your pocket money last.

His top tips include trying games and CDs at a library before buying them.

He said it's a lot cheaper than buying them, adding: "Then if you don't like it, you won't have to spend large amounts of cash afterwards."

And if you're determined to buy something, think about it carefully before you hand over the cash.

"When you get your pocket money it's important to remember you've now got real power and lots of companies out there want you to spend your money with them," said Martin.

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis
Money saving expert Martin Lewis
"So before you spend your cash sit there and think 'Hmmm, what am I going to enjoy most? Shall I save my money up and buy one big thing for 50 or would I be better off with 50 different things for 1 each?'"