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Last Updated: Monday October 13 2008 15:34 GMT

Warning to kids over loud music


Listening to your fave tunes through headphones could make it much harder to hear when you get older.

It might not seem surprising, but scientists say listening to loud music for as little as an hour a day could damage your hearing within five years.

So how loud is too loud? Well, they say a good guide is that if someone else can hear your music leaking out of your headphones, it's time to turn it down.

They also advise checking to see if you can set a volume limit on your player.

Jordan, Ruby and Joseph
You hear using lots of tiny hairs deep in your ears, which pick up the sound. If you listen to too much loud music the hairs can get damaged, and that's bad news because they won't get better.

Sound expert Prof James Bridges had some extra tips on using headphones safely.

"Carry on using them but keep the volume down, because the risk is from very high volumes," he told Newsround.

"Use them for no more than an hour or two and don't push them too far into your ears."