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Last Updated: Sunday October 12 2008 11:31 GMT

Ketchup banned from some schools

Tomato ketchup

Tomato ketchup has been banned from some primary schools in South Wales as part of a plan to make meals healthier.

Ketchup can contain high levels of salt and sugar. The Vale of Glamorgan Council has decided to take bought-in bottles off the menu.

The council says it aims to produce everything fresh so pupils will still have tomato sauce - but from now on it will be made by school chefs.

One parents said the decision to ban the bottled stuff is "daft".


Jar of Marmite
Jar of Marmite
Vale of Glamorgan Council leader Gordon Kemp said: "The policy is not to use mass-produced foods, we produce everything fresh on the premises.

"It's all part of the healthy eating programme and I think our council is one of the leading authorities in Wales in this respect."

Last week another council in Wales removed Marmite from at school breakfast clubs because of worries about the amount of salt in it.

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