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Last Updated: Friday October 10 2008 15:59 GMT

Ore checks out the giant City of Ember set

Saoirse Ronan and Ore

One of the biggest kids' films of the year is about to hit cinemas - City of Ember.

It was filmed in Northern Ireland, and this week Belfast hosted the European premiere of the movie.

Ore was there for Newsround to find out more about the film, and the giant film set it was made in.

"Imagine the biggest room you've ever been into. Then think of a room three times bigger than that one. Now imagine four of those rooms sat next to each other.

That's how big the film set for blockbuster movie City of Ember was.

Ore on the City of Ember set
Ore on the City of Ember set
I honestly couldn't believe the size of it when Newsround went for a visit.

The building is called the Paint Hall and had four rooms nearly 1,500 square metres in area and 27 metres high inside it. It proved the ideal location to build an massive underground city - the City of Ember.

Extras gave me a tour

By now, the building is almost empty. I was shown around by two of the film's extras, Jack and Rosanna. It was the first time they'd been back since they finished filming and they were obviously a bit sad to see it so empty - a city that felt like their home had been destroyed.

Okay, maybe not quite their home. But it was interesting when they started to remember where things used to be.

Ore and Jack and Rosanna
Ore with City of Ember extras Jack and Rosanna
They remembered the old yarn shop and the shoe shop that had been there during filming. And after looking up at the very high bare walls, screamed out: "That was the balcony where the mayor addressed the people of Ember!"

It looked like a bare brick wall to me, but having seen the trailer for the movie, I could imagine how awesome the set would have looked like.

In the film, the mayor of Ember is played by Bill Murray. Jack and Rosanna told me about how cool it was working with great actors like him. They played in the mayor's brass band and so followed Bill Murray around a lot. They said the buzz around the set was just amazing.

Big premiere in Belfast

For Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular, it's not often that big films are made there, let alone having the film's European premiere there too. Of course I had to get myself smartened up to chat with some of the stars!

Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan at the premiere
I was able to catch up with Saoirse Ronan who plays Lina in the film. She said how brilliant it was for the people of Northern Ireland that the premiere was in Belfast.

And I met up with Jack too, dressed in a very smart suit. He told me how excited he was to see himself on the big screen, and added that he'd texted all his friends to say he'd be on Newsround too.

On a slightly smaller screen than the City of Ember, obviously."