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Last Updated: Thursday October 09 2008 15:02 GMT

I wanted to be a model but was ripped off

Alicia, Maddy and Naomi

Alicia, 9, and her four-year-old sister Naomi both really wanted to be models. They saw an advert and got in touch with a company who said they would find them modelling work.

But things didn't go quite as they'd hoped. Alicia told Maddy what happened.

"We found a leaflet in a catalogue that was asking for models and extras.

I thought it was really good because it said that there would be loads of catalogue and TV work. I was really excited to be going for it.

We went to a room in Wolverhampton and we stood in front of a white screen and they took lots of pictures. We had to do some strange poses. And every time they took a picture they asked us to do a different pose.

I wore my own clothes in the photos. No-one was there to do our hair or make-up.

Photos looked really nice

They said that they would send us a CD in a couple of weeks and tell us if we were through or not.

Alicia's modelling pics
The photos Alicia had taken of her
Then they got in contact again and told us we were through, and gave us the CD. We looked at the pictures and thought they were really nice.

A couple of weeks after that they sent another letter to say they'd do some work with us in August.

We didn't hear anything from them by September. We started emailing and phoning the company but didn't get any replies.

We looked on the internet for more information, and found out it was all a scam.

Waste of money

My mum and dad spent about 680 on the photos for me and my sister. We haven't had any modelling work.

My parents feel really, really sad about it about it because it was just a waste of money.

I'm really disappointed too, because I wanted to do this. I wanted to be in catalogues and be in adverts and things like that."

Alicia, 9