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Last Updated: Thursday October 09 2008 15:06 GMT

Wannabe child models caught out

A model on a catwalk in Paris

Be very careful with your cash if someone approaches you saying that you could be a model.

That's the advice from a top modelling agency, after Newsround looked into reports that some people have spent hundreds of pounds on photo sessions.

Lots of you got in touch after we asked for your stories, and told us what happened when you were approached.

We spoke to girls whose families paid out a lot of money for photos and were then promised work that didn't exist.

Alicia and her sister Naomi wanted to be models and thought their luck was in when they saw a leaflet asking for them.

Nine-year-old Alicia
Nine-year-old Alicia

Their parents paid almost 700 to a company to take pictures of them. The company also said they'd get the girls modelling jobs.

Since then they've been unable to get hold of the company, and neither has Newsround.

They aren't the only ones to contact us about this problem.

Sofia's family paid 300 for photos but have heard nothing since. Jess ended up paying 250, and Sophia was asked to pay 200 for pictures but decided not to pay up.

DON'T pay for pics

Model agency Storm, who discovered Kate Moss and Lily Cole, say you should never pay people to take pictures for a portfolio.

Maddy and Paula from Storm
Maddy and Paula
Paula Karaiskos from Storm told Newsround they can tell if you've got what it takes from a holiday snap or any other normal photo of you.

You don't need special ones taken, and if someone asks you to meet them in a bar or hotel you should be very, very careful. They should have an office you can meet them at.

Not all stories about modelling end badly though.

Laura, 14, from Horsham told us that she was scouted by an agency when she was shopping in London, and has had no problems since then.

Fiona, 11, from London said she got spotted and was picked to model for a big high street store.