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Last Updated: Thursday October 09 2008 11:28 GMT

We helped an air ambulance find an injured climber

The pupils who helped an air ambulance helicopter find a climber who had fallen

Press Packer Emma and her classmates were on a trip in the Peak District when they saw a climber fall on some rocks.

An air ambulance was called but it couldn't find the injured climber.

Here's how Emma and her group stepped in to help.

"Last month on a camping trip to the Roaches in the Peak District, my group were all ready to go climbing.

I was excited because I had never been climbing on real rocks before.

Two climbers got on to the rock next to ours and one started climbing. I turned away and a few seconds later there was a big CRASH!

Broken leg

A recreation of the human arrow
A recreation of the human arrow
I looked around and saw that the man who had been climbing had fallen, put his leg out to land and his ankle was sticking out. It looked horrible!

Ian, our World Challenge instructor, said the climber had broken his leg and he called the Staffordshire air ambulance.

Human arrow

Quite soon, the air ambulance came. I thought it would never be able to find the climber because the Roaches is a massive area.

The helicopter was hovering around the area we were in but it couldn't locate the climber.

Our teacher, Mr Adcock told us to make a human arrow so we did. The helicopter soon landed and went to find the injured climber.

The air ambulance helicopter
Happy to help

I was worried someone would fall whilst lifting the climber down the rocky slope but nobody did.

The climber was safely lifted into the air ambulance.

I am very glad that the school raises money for this charity and that we were able to help."

Emma, 10, Nottinghamshire

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