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Last Updated: Tuesday October 07 2008 14:46 GMT

In pics: How well can YOU spot a fake?

Fake and genunie trainers

Across Europe there's been an increase in the number of fake goods for sale, but how well can YOU spot a fake? One of the trainers in the pic is the genuine article... but which one?

FAcke trainers

The fake one is the one on the left, with the black Nike tick. Did you get it right?

Fake and real Nike bags

These two bags might look really similar, but don't be fooled! Can YOU spot the fake?

Nike bag

It was a tricky one... but the bag on the LEFT was the fake. If you look really closely, the string on the fake bag is loads thinner than the string on the real one.


And now for the hardest one of all... only one of these packets of batteries is the genuine article, but which one?


Once again, it was the batteries on the left. They've got a different 'Best Before' date than the others, and it's printed on the opposite side of the pack.