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Last Updated: Saturday October 11 2008 14:31 GMT

Have you been fooled by fakes?

Fake and genuine goods

A record number of fake goods are being sold across Europe.

Pirate copies of brand-name clothes or toys can be dangerous as they don't go through the same strict safety checks as the genuine items.

The quality of copied DVDs and CDs can also be pretty rubbish, but they're not always easy to spot. So have you ever been fooled by a fake?

Have you ever bought something thinking it's the real deal, only to find out it's a poor imitation?

Maybe you've been given something that turned out to be a copy? Do you think

anything would stop people selling fakes?

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Your Comments

"No, I'm really aware of fake and real things. I can tell straight away if something is real or fake."

Eleanor, 13, Ireland

"Fake goods are horrible. The majority can harm your health and the fact is is that they do NOT last, they are ill-made and they break easily."

Natalia, 12, New York, USA

"Fake designer clothes and bags are often really bad quality. I would only buy the real thing. There are lots of fake Louis Vuitton bags everywhere and they are really cheaply made."

Mi, 14, Lincoln, England

"I actually support the makers of MOST fake goods - not the ones who spend the profits on drugs, though. By buying fake goods you are allowing the little man to live - and if you don't have the money to burn on a 50 top then the 5-10 fake is worth it - major corporations are rich enough, why add to their ill earned gains?"

Emma, 12, Gateshead, England

"If you go to a proper shop you know you're not going to be ripped off."

Tom, 13, Stoke, England

"Fake clothes are good because they're normally way cheaper than the real thing and some other things can be good too. They save you paying a fortune for stuff, though fake DVDs, CDs, games and stuff like that are really bad!!"

Emma, 13, Northern Ireland

"I bought a fake PUMA bag last week. It was terrible! The fake PUMA bag broke on the 3rd day! So my dad bought me a new one."

Cindy, 12, New York, America

"Fake shoes are good."

Conner, 10, Bath, UK

"All people selling fake goods should be arrested, and the shop should be shut down, and the fake goods destroyed."

Lauren, 12, Nottingham, England

"I think that all fakes are rubbish!! Once I went to a market, and I bought what I thought were real Ugg boots, but when I got home, my dad looked at them and told me they were fakes! I was really upset, because they cost me 30, but my dad took them back to the market the next week, and the stall was still there, so I got my money back."

Lucy, 11, Berkshire, England

"I bought a fake iPod Nano on holiday and after one hour of music on it the battery went dead and when I charged it up, no charge worked so my mum bought me a new battery and it didn't fit in!"

Morven, 13, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I think fake clothes are alright as they are cheaper but fake games, CDs, wristbands etc are not, especially pirate DVDs or videos."

Sophie, 11, Leeds, England

"I haven't been fooled but someone in my school year group bought a Nintendo Wii for 20 and found out it was fake."

Adam, 12, Solihull, England

"When I go on holiday to Europe, there are loads of people trying to sell fake goods. Most of the time the clothes aren't good quality and things like CDs, DVDs and games don't even work. You can often tell by the quality and the price."

Charlotte, 13, Peterborough, England

"For my birthday I got bought a pair of Nike Air trainers. They turned out to be fakes, but I only realised this when I saw this article. I am upset as I've only had them for a week!!"

Charley, 13, Kent, England

"I don't mind fakes. Most cannot afford the genuine at present. Well, at least if it's fairly good quality I don't see the harm."

Kaleem, 11, Worcester, England

"I think some copies are good because the new DVDs that have just come out are expensive so it is good to have a copy if it is good quality."

Lewis, 12, Preston, England

"I think that I was fooled by a fake football shirt and goalkeepers' gloves."

Krysian, 10, UK

"Yes, I've been fooled by fakes like gifts I had and the new trainers I had."

Lisa, 11, South Wales

"I hate fakes; I think they are stupid. I think I'm very lucky I haven't bought any without realising."

Holleah, 14, Queensland, Australia

"I hate fake things. You are getting conned out of your money. People caught selling fake things should be named and shamed and go to prison."

Haidar, 15, Manchester, England

"It's disgusting that people are getting ripped off. If people get caught they should get arrested. On the TV there was a man selling laptops but it was water in a cheap laptop bag!"

Alice, 12, Bedfordshire, England

"I think fake clothes are OK but games, movies and CDs are not because you've spent money on them and when you reach home if they don't work you get frustrated, and you have just wasted your money."

Sabrina, 11, Middlesex, England

"Once my parents bought me some pink GHDs for my birthday and we only found out a few months later that they were fake!"

Kathryn, 14, Lancaster, England

"Once my mum and dad thought that they got a good copy of Madagascar, but then we realised it was a pirate copy."

Bethany, 13, Argyll, Scotland

"I hate fakes,. When I was on holiday I saw a fake Nike hat in a shop. It makes me sick!"

Ben, 10, London, England

"I don't know, actually!! But I think I have with CDs."

Naomi, 10, West Midlands, England

"It was my birthday and someone gave me a DVD but in the case was a copy of the film. When I found out it was a copy I was so upset."

Chelsea, 11, Kidderminster, England

"I have bought a purse that looks like a Gucci one for 50 and found out it was worth 3! I wasn't very happy and when I went back to the shop it had closed down. I started to cry because it was all my own money I had saved up."

Grace, 11, Leeds, England

"I hate fakes. You get bullied at school if you have them."

Will, 12, Newcastle, England

"Yes, my mum got some Pokemon toys for me and they were fakes."

Demelza, 13, Kent, England

"I hate copies, although I have to say it's very hard to spot the difference."

Rabiat, 11, Whitehaven, England

"Yeah, I bought a CD from the market for 20 Euros and it wasn't the CD from the cover!"

Ashleigh, 13, Spain

"No, I haven't. I don't see why people scam people with fakes. If people do it they will get caught anyway by the police. What's the point?"

Catherine, 15, Crawley, England

"I hate fakes! I like getting official things, that makes me happy! I just don't know why people do fakes!"

Jennie, 13, Birmingham, England

"Fakes are good on designer clothes because the real ones can be expensive! But not on CDs and DVDs because they're bad quality!"

Annie, 14, London, England

"I hate fake things. I don't know why people do it; they will get in trouble with the police."

Andrew, 14, Lincolnshire, England