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Last Updated: Friday October 03 2008 15:14 GMT

Gadget to help you read on the go

An ebook

Loads of you carry all your favourite music around on an mp3 player, but how do you fancy being able to take all the books you love wherever you go too?

A new electronic gadget called an ebook lets you do just that, without breaking your back with the weight of them all!

It works like an mp3 player - only instead of songs, you download and store books from the internet instead.

Then you press buttons instead of turning pages, and can even make the words bigger or smaller on the page!

And forget struggling to fit all your books in your bag, as ebooks can fit more than 100 of them in their memory.

A few different versions have started hitting the shops in the past few months, but they're not cheap, costing anything from 160 to a whopping 400!

The makers say they're already catching on, but not everyone's convinced they'll be such a success.

Book expert Sarah Osborne said: "There are too many people that love the traditional paper book to let it become extinct."

We asked some kids who got to try one of the new ebooks, what they thought of it...

George said: "It's quite slim so it's portable but I would be afraid that it would get stolen."

Mia said: "It doesn't smell like a normal book but it's good because you can make the print three times bigger!"

Beattie said: "I really like it because you can click the pages, but if you click too long your eyes might get a little blurry."