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Last Updated: Friday October 03 2008 18:12 GMT

Some teachers want caning back

An old-fashioned cane

One in five teachers think they should be allowed to use a stick called a cane to hit you if you're really naughty.

Hitting pupils and using canes was banned in schools more than 20 years ago, and that's unlikely to change now.

Instead of being hit if you break the rules, you're more likely to miss break or be sent to see your head teacher.

But loads of teachers say some kids are so badly behaved in school they think bringing back punishments like the cane is the only way to control them.

The Times Education Supplement spoke to more than 6,000 teachers, but the idea was a lot less popular with head teachers and their deputies.

Only about one in 10 of them agreed that physical punishments should be brought back into schools.

And secondary school teachers were much more in favour of the idea than primary school teachers.


Primary school teacher Josephine Copeland said she didn't think caning was the answer.

She said: "I can understand the frustration with the levels of behaviour sometimes, but I don't think that hitting children is the right way to go about it."

With Miss Copeland out of the classroom, we asked some of her pupils what they thought...

Akif said: "I think kids don't get away with it too much but I don't think they should bring back the cane because schools are supposed to be fun yet educational."

Rachel said: "I think kids don't get away with it too much, because I don't get away with it and having to stay in over break is enough punishment!"

Fardwsa agreed, saying: "I think we shouldn't bring back the cane because it's fine at the moment. We get sent to our head teacher or miss our breaks. I think these are enough punishments for us."