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Last Updated: Thursday October 02 2008 14:21 GMT

My school gets its electricity from wind power

Press Packer Shannon

When children at a school near Bristol wanted to do something for the environment, they came up with a "winderful" idea!

They now have a wind turbine, which saves money by producing electricity for the school.

"The turbine came about because some pupils thought it was a good idea to have one.

They thought it would save the school money which could be used for something else.

So they asked the teacher and two years later our school had one!

The turbine opened last month, lots of people were invited to the opening. MP Dan Norris started the turbine turning and everybody cheered!

Electrical box

I think the turbine is very important as it saves money and reduces our carbon footprint.

The wind turbine at Shannon's school
The wind turbine at Shannon's school
The turbine spins and when the wires go in the electrical box, electricity travels through every section of the school to produce light.

The money that the school saves can go to more PE equipment to keep us fit and healthy.

Extra money

I think all schools should have this because pupils and teachers benefit and it's also saving the planet.

And they will get extra money to spend on whatever they want or need."

Shannon, 11, Bristol

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