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Last Updated: Wednesday October 01 2008 16:39 GMT

In pics: Will gory images on cigarette packs work?

The new cigarette packs

Pictures showing the damage smoking can do to your body are being printed on cigarette packets from 01 October.

Tobacco packet warning of diseased lung

There will even be really gross pictures like this to try to stop people lighting up.

Wrinkly hands

Other countries have tried it, and they say the scary images made people think about giving up.

Ore with some kids

But do you think it will work? Ore went to a school to try to find out....


Jared thinks they'll put people off taking up the habit. "It will definitely give them a shock to the system and I don't think they'll want their bodies to look like this," he said.


Milo says the pics are unfair on non-smokers. "For people who don't smoke I think it's a bit cruel, because when you look at them it kind of puts the image in your head," he said.


Emily says the pictures have definitely put her off. "I don't want to look like this when I'm older," she said.