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Last Updated: Thursday May 07 2009 16:31 GMT

Does it matter if your teacher is male?

A male teacher

Boys can do better at school when their teachers are also male, according to a survey.

It says they work harder and find it easier to talk over any problems they may have with a male teacher.

So do you think it makes a difference if your teacher is male or female?

Just over one in 10 primary school teachers are male, so have you ever been taught by man, and what was it like?

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Your Comments

"I think females are better for girls and males for boys as I had a male teacher last year and he was OK but a bit hard to talk to when it came to problems, and he was a bit boring when it came to science!! But my female teacher I have now can sort out problems and may not have as much of a sense of humour but is more interesting in lessons and a tiny bit stricter when it comes to telling people off! But only when they do something wrong. That is because she is fair."

Maya, 10, Singapore

"My history and RE is a male teacher and he is my FAVE teacher as he is hilarious and makes the lessons really fun and he knows everything about slang so we all understand what he is saying... No, it doesn't matter because male or not male, he is a teacher and teachers help us with our education so that counts."

Helena, 12, London, England

"Sometimes I have had horrible male teachers and also good, but in general they are either the same as female teachers, or otherwise FAR too relaxed. I don't think it would be fair if they had all male teachers as then it may affect girls' performance. A male teacher should not be chosen just because he is male!"

Emma, 12, Gateshead, England

"I have male and female teachers and I prefer males; they are more in control of the class but they're not half as strict."

Rachel, 12, London, England

"I am in the second year of high school and my PE teacher, art teacher and English teacher are males. I don't really have a problem with that much and I think it'd be great if there were more male teachers in schools to help both boys and girls at the same time, e.g. half of the school's teachers could be female, and the other half could be male. This would make it fair."

Laura, 12, London, England

"I find that I don't see a difference in the way that they teach but if I were to talk to a teacher I would talk to a lady, so I think it works both ways and it shouldn't be special for boys."

Anna, 12, Kent, England

"My teacher is a man and I am a girl and I feel really OK talking to him. It's fine to have different feelings, though."

Katie, 11, Northampton, England

"I think it would be fairer for the boys to be taught by male teachers. I don't know why but hey... let them have what they want for a change!!!"

Sophia, 14, Lincolnshire, England

"I think that there should be more male teachers because the male teachers that I have had have been more understanding and less sexist about arguments or things that happen. I also think that there should be more male teachers because they seem to understand more, are friendlier, easier to talk to and just seem to get their point across in a humorous way, but they can still be serious."

Daniel, 11, Essex, England

"Hi, I go to high school and they have loads of different female and male teachers. Sometimes I have trouble speaking to male teachers because it's a little embarrassing. I think it would be easier for a boy to have a male teacher because then they'd feel more confident. I feel more confident having a female teacher because they understand me well and I'm not worried in case I have any problems with a female teacher. I'm a bit of a fuss with teachers, really; I only like young female teachers."

Anna, 12, Cheshire, England

"I like having a female because they're easier to talk to."

Rhian, 11, Swansea, Wales

"I think male teachers are better than women because they're more fun and if the boys like them then I'm happy."

Kirah, 10, Leicester, England

"Well, my teacher is male and I'm bored to death with him and I would much prefer a female teacher because I am female so I can understand her and more importantly she can understand me!"

Sarah, 12, Wolverhampton, England

"I think boys do find it easier to talk to males. That doesn't mean that there should be more male teachers, though! Our school has a female counsellor but wouldn't it be easier to have both a male and female counsellor?"

Louise, 13, Newcastle, England

"I think that there is no difference; they're both as great!"

Rebekah, 14, Spain

"I'm a girl (bet that took you by surprise!) and I can safely say that I have next to no experience of male teachers whatsoever. I go to a girls' school and the only male we have is the music teacher. If the boys get on with them better, fine by me!"

Oscar, 12, New York, USA

"No. I have a female teacher and she's very kind and I get outstanding results and when I get a male teacher I get bad marks so no, it doesn't matter."

Ibraheem, 8, Birmingham, England

"I don't think it makes any difference. Male and female teach the same way."

Fatema, 11, Sussex, England

"It depends. You might be able relate to your teacher more if you are a boy."

Jack, 13, Essex, England

"I think that there should definitely be more male teachers. For the past two years I have had a female teacher and I have yet another female teacher this year. She is OK, but I think I would have preferred a man teacher."

Thomas, 9, Devon, England

"I've just started secondary school and 8 out of my 15 teachers are male. I think there is no difference between the gender. It depends if you like them for personality reasons."

Holly, 11, Winchester, England

"For me it doesn't make a difference, or to my friends that are boys. "

Olivia, 12, Lisbon, Portugal

"I don't really think it matters whether you have a male or female teacher as long as they are doing their job there's no difference!!"

Emily, 11, England

"I'd be interested to see if girls work better with female teachers."

Emily, 12, Cumbria, England

"I think male teachers are better. They seem to find it easier to joke with the class!"

Charley, 10, Cheshire, England

"Our male teacher is nice because he has a sense of humour more than our female teachers. He makes lessons fairer for boys and girls. Sometimes in other lessons boys get told off much more than girls, sometimes for no reason."

Adam, 10, Taunton, England

"It does matter! It gives us boys someone to relate to."

Tom, 12, Southampton, England

"Well, I think that it does make a difference, but not a big one. When I have a male teacher I find it uncomfortable to ask questions, female teachers are much easier!"

Lois, 13, Berkhampstead, England

"I think we should have a girl teacher because the boys shout too much."

Lauren, 9, Manchester, England

"It doesn't really matter, but at about Yr 7 I think boys need a male role model."

Ryan, 14, Bury St. Edmonds, England

"I am in Year 3 at the moment and I have already had 2 male teachers and they were both great! I am not saying that I don't like female teachers, it's just I like to have both. I don't think it matters if your teacher is a male or a female. They do the same thing."

Jamaal, 7, London, England

"There are only boys at my school and only male teachers! They are all really good."

Johnny, 9, London, England

"Male teachers are better for boys, but what about girls?"

Jade, 10, Donegal, Ireland

"I am not bothered if my teacher is male or not."

Marie, 12, Cambridge, England

"It doesn't make much difference to me."

Jack, 11, England

"I don't think it matters much, because there are two males out of six in my school but I've never had one!"

Holly, 8, Lincoln, England

"I liked my old history teacher who was male, because he made things interesting and male teachers can do that, but I can't stand the male English teacher I've got now. I don't whether it's because males are more logical, but he makes English less creative."

Charlotte, 13, Co. Durham, England

"I had a male teacher last year and he was better than females at some things, but females were better at other things. Overall, they are equal."

James, 10, Dublin, Ireland

"I prefer female teachers because only about two of our male teachers are actually nice. I go to a middle school, not primary so there is a mix of men and women teachers."

Charlotte, 10, England

"I don't think it makes any difference, really. I have had a lot of male teachers. I think that male teachers are really nice and funny."

Faye, 14, London, England

"I don't think it really matters because I have had both male and female, and apart from the gender they were the same."

Precious, 11, Kent, England

"It does not matter if they are males or females... It matters if they can teach well and respect us."

Kate, 14, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think it does matter because I'm at secondary school and when my class gets male teachers they are all better behaved. I also feel you can talk to them better and they understand you more. In my PE class we get a male teacher and no-one ever gets into trouble because it's all boys."

Thomas, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I have 12 different teachers and only one of them is male. I don't think this has a huge effect on boys, but I see some of my friends' confidence improve around my male teacher."

Edie, 13, Winchester, England

"In some cases a male teacher is good, but in an all-girls school they can be intimidating when they do not understand the girls' needs. However, a male teacher could be better in some cases, like technology lessons."

Inaya, 14, Southampton, England

"My old primary school has three male teachers. They also have a male nursery assistant and I think they are very lucky."

Scott, 11, Stoke, England

"I don't think it matters because they give the same education, but I find that female teachers are less strict."

Madison, 11, Brighton, England

"I think that having a male teacher is a very good idea, especially if you are a boy, because they know more of what you are thinking."

Joshua, 9, West Sussex, England

"I have a male teacher and I think they solve problems a bit better."

Oliver, 10, Surrey, England

"We have a load of male teachers at my school and to be honest it doesn't make a difference."

Liam, 12, Nottingham, England

"I think that we should have a good mixture of male and female teachers because it gives both sexes a good role model and someone to look up to."

Isamily, 13, London, England

"I think a male and female teacher are the same. However, women teachers rock."

Laura, 12, Birmingham, England

"I like male and female teachers, but male teachers pay more attention to boys."

Amy, 12, Scotland

"We have loads of male teachers at our school and I actually prefer them. We're not exactly better behaved, but we feel more relaxed to have a discussion with them and they let you get away with things if your smile is big enough!"

Holly, 12, Brighton, England

"I would have said it actually depended on the quality of the teacher! I know lots of male teachers who are no help at all, and lots who definitely know what they're talking about."

Jamie, 14, London, England

"Male teachers are better for guys, and female teachers are better for girls, for talking to about bullying etc."

Hannah, 14, Lincoln, England

"No, it doesn't matter as long as they have the same levels of teaching. WE'RE ALL HUMAN! Does it really matter?"

Abi, 13, Swansea, Wales

"I don't really mind. All the teachers at my school are Miss or Mrs and the boys don't really seem to mind. My class's supply teacher is male and we all like him. I don't really think it matters."

Abigayle, 9, Sheffield, England

"I learn more with male teachers!"

Jess, 13, Lancaster, England

"If the teachers are the same gender, they are more likely to understand you."

Bethan, 14, Gloucester, England

"I have a male teacher, and personally I think that they are better than female teachers because they can control the class more."

Ellie, 11, Portsmouth, England

"As long as they are enthusiastic about their job, it's fine. Both male and female teachers at our school are amazing, and I can talk to both freely."

Rachel, 12, London, England

"It doesn't matter what the teacher's gender is, as long as they can educate well!"

Maisi, 14, Devon, England

"I think we do need more male teachers. At my old school, the only male teacher was the headmaster. Come on boys, be teachers!"

Tara, 11, High Wycombe, England

"I see what boys are saying. I would find it easier to go to a female teacher to talk about problems. But sometimes it depends on personality. You have good and bad male teachers and the same for girls as well."

Rosie, 12, Chester, England

"When I was in year five, I got my first male teacher and the behaviour of my class dramatically improved so I think male teachers are a good thing."

Charlotte, 13, Surrey, England

"I think it helps build confidence for boys if they're being bullied."

Tas, 9, Wolverhampton, England

"At my school, we have mostly female teachers. But both of my math tutors are male, and they're way more fun than the female teachers. So yeah, it would be good to see more males."

Hannah, 12, London, England

"I get 15 different teachers, but only three of them are men. I think that we should get more male teachers."

Lauren, 13, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I don't really think it makes a difference because that's like saying girls can work better with female teachers and I think most of my mates work better depending on how strict the teacher is or not! When I was in primary school, though, I preferred male teachers because they could teach P.E better!"

Marie, 12, Cambridge, England

"It makes no difference! They both teach out of the same curriculum."

Brandon, 12, Manchester, England

"I think it doesn't matter what teacher you have; don't worry about the teachers. Lessons are more important."

Lauren, 10, London, England

"Yes, because you cannot tell a male teacher things that you can tell a female teacher."

Zulaikhah, 10, Blackburn, England

"When I was in primary school we had two really awesome male teachers but I also had three really awesome female teachers. Yes, we could have more male teachers, but in my opinion male and female teachers are as good as each other. But then I am a girl so maybe boys see it differently."

Melissa, 14, Cumbria, England

"I think male or female teachers are fine. I have a male teacher and he is great like our female teachers. There is really no difference. They teach us things - that is what they get paid for. So I do not think it matters."

Kurlz, 10, Cornwall

"It doesn't matter if a teacher is male, same as if a carpenter is a woman."

Connor, 13, Somerset, England

"I think that having a male teacher makes no difference."

Lewis, 10, Cheshire, England

"It doesn't matter whether they are male or female; all that counts is that they are fully qualified and they can keep children under control. I have got loads of nice male teachers at my school."

Adam, 12, Solihull, England

"I have about four male teachers and I have probably been taught by over 10 since I started year seven last year. They are not as strict as female teachers and they tend to be more easy going. No offence to female teachers, though."

Emily, 12, Hampshire, England

"I don't care; all teachers are the same. I don't care if I have a female all the time - as long as they teach me things it's fine."

Danielle, 13, Crawley, England

"It doesn't make a difference because they're teachers and they're there to teach, not to be judged."

KCDee, 13, Buckinghamshire, England

"I don't think it particularly matters. I mean, girls' schools could do with just female teachers, and boys schools could do with just male teachers. Mixed schools could do with mixed teachers. But that's my opinion..."

Melody, 11, Bournemouth, England

"As long as somebody is qualified to teach children/teenagers, then why not have a male teacher? It's the same as female teachers."

Lucy, 11, London, England

"It was good, and the boys seemed to get on more, that was good."

Ravelle, 10, Bradford, England