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Last Updated: Tuesday September 30 2008 07:37 GMT

More male school teachers needed

Children in a classroom

More male teachers are needed if boys are to get the best out of primary school, according to a survey.

It found that boys find it easier to talk to male teachers than female ones, and they worked harder if a man was telling them what to do.

The survey also found that boys were more likely to go to a male teacher for help with problems like bullying.

At the moment just over one in 10 of primary school teachers are male, and education experts want more to apply.

Mr Vafadari is a teacher at a primary school in London and says he really enjoys it.

"In this school we've got two or three men in the school and we all think we add a different role model for children," he said.

The survey came up with its results after asking more than 1,000 adult men about their time at primary school.

Half of the adults asked said that a male teacher had been an important role model in their life.