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Last Updated: Tuesday September 30 2008 06:18 GMT

Millions of kids live in poverty

Graffiti in a housing estate

Millions of children across the UK aren't getting everything they need because their families are too poor.

A big group of charities, called The Campaign To End Child Poverty, say more is needed to help those children.

The campaign says almost four million children are living in poverty, which means their family has less than 10 a day per person to spend on things.

The government has said it has already helped more 600,000 children in poverty, and will do more.

Charities involved in The Campaign to End Child Poverty include Barnado's, Unicef and the NSPCC.

According to the charities more than 5.5 million children are in families that are "struggling".

Where the struggling families live in the UK
England - 4,634,000
Scotland - 428,000
Wales - 297,000
Northern Ireland - 198,000
That means those families are either in poverty or are very close to it.

The person in charge of the campaign, Hilary Fisher, said a child living in poverty is 10 times more likely to die when they are babies, and are five times more likely to die in an accident.

She added that some families have to decide which school to send their children to by how much the uniform costs, rather how suitable it is for their child.

In a big speech recently Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would get rid of child poverty in this country by the year 2020.