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Last Updated: Tuesday November 04 2008 18:55 GMT

American Pres Packers' video diaries

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In the run-up to the US elections, we teamed up with some kids in the town of Culpeper in the State of Virginia to send us their webcam diaries about the latest goings on in the presidential race.

There were just a few days to go when our 'Pres Packers' sent their last diaries, telling us how they thought the election was going and who was the favourite to win...

Alexis thinks it's cool that Barack Obama has bought advertising space on some computer games to try to get support from gamers.

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Elena thinks the candidates should keep away from computer games, because it's annoying when you're trying to play and you have to hear about the election!

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Lance says he's seen loads of election clips on the internet. He said the candidates are using it to reach more voters, and think's it'll have a big affect on the result.

LJ says some people are missing TV programmes and are keeping up with what's happening in the elections on the internet instead.

Oscar says the candidates are using the internet to tell people about their ideas and why their ideas are better than their rivals'.

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Parker says the candidates are using the internet to update their websites, and are putting things on it to get people's attention.

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