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Last Updated: Monday September 29 2008 17:07 GMT

New plan to keep you safe online

A laptop computer

Websites that break the law could be pulled offline as part of a new plan to keep you safe online.

The government has teamed up with websites, computer companies and charities to try to make it safer for children to use the internet.

Google and Microsoft are involved in a new organisation called the UK Council for Child Internet Safety.

The council will look at things like online bullying, advertising and content created by people.

In the past few years more and more people have been putting videos and images online, as well as chatting and using message boards.

Children using a computer
All of those types of content can very hard to keep an eye on - to make sure they're safe for anyone to look at.

Now this council will look at websites, and if they see "harmful" ones will try to shut them down.

Working together

The plan is part of big report into how children use technology, by child expert Dr Tanya Byron.

But she said insisted the council wasn't about adults telling kids what to do.

"It about adults and kids working together to make sure that kids get the most opportunities and benefit from these amazing digital technologies," she said.

Here's what some primary school pupils in London thought about the council...

Alice, 10
Alice, 10, thinks all the big companies know what's been put on the internet anyway, so it makes sense for them to work together. "I think it can make the internet a much safer place," she added.

Oisin, 10
Oisin, 10, said: "I think it will work, because there's lots of bad things on the internet and these big companies do have a lot of knowledge on the internet."

Georgie, 10
Georgie, 10, said: "A few big companies will make a big difference."