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Last Updated: Saturday September 27 2008 10:26 GMT

Scary pics put on cigarette packs

Anti-smoking advert showing healthy lung and diseased lung

Shocking pictures showing the damage smoking can do to your health are going to be printed on packets of cigarettes.

The 15 different images of things like diseased lungs and rotten teeth will be put on packets from the 1st of October.

The scary images are to show the damage that smoking can do to your health, to try and encourge more people give up.

Other countries already print similar pictures, but the UK is the first European country to introduce them.

Canada was the first country to start using the pictures in 2001, and research shows lots of people have decided to quit because of them.

Similar warnings are also used in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore.

The pics are to encourage people to quit
The images printed on cigarette packs in the UK will replace the written warnings which started in 2003.

Health chiefs say the written warnings have made thousands of people think about quitting, but they're hoping the pictures will be even more effective.

Sir Liam Donaldson from the Department of Health said: "Written health warnings have encouraged many smokers to stop.

"These new stark picture warnings emphasise the harsh health realities of continuing to smoke."