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Last Updated: Sunday September 28 2008 09:37 GMT

F1 gets ready for dark Grand Prix

Practice at the Singapore Grand Prix

Formula One fans are hoping their sport is about to get even more exciting, with the first-ever night race.

The Singapore Grand Prix takes places on Sunday, and although the race starts at lunch time in the UK, it will be during the night where the drivers are.

But it may be difficult to tell that it's late at night, as bright street lights will make it seem like daylight.

Lewis Hamilton will start the race second behind Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

Practice at the Singapore Grand Prix
Lights will be four times as bright as ones used at football matches
Around 1,500 lights will be used around the track
Those lights will produce more than three million watts

Hamilton hasn't had the best of luck in the past two races, finishing third in Belgium after a 25-second penalty and seventh in Italy.

Those results have given his title rival Felipe Massa the chance to pull up behind Hamilton in the championship.

But the British driver could be in for a better weekend this time if the weather forecasts are accurate and it rains during the race.

Hamilton has shown himself to be superb driver in the wet, and should there be a downpour on Sunday he will be the favourite for victory.