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Last Updated: Friday September 26 2008 09:17 GMT

Europe bans China children's food

Milk products being tested in China

Food for young children made in China from milk has been banned in all of Europe because of health worries.

Four babies have died in China and more than 50,000 young children became ill after chemicals were put in milk that was then made into food.

There is no evidence that people in Europe have been made ill food from China, but the ban is to be extra safe.

Already in the UK a type of sweets made in China called White Rabbit Creamy Candies have been taken out of shops.

Milk products in a shopping trolley in China
Those sweets were made from milk, and there are some worries that they may contain the dangerous chemical - melamine.

In small amounts melamine can't hurt most people, and it's not likely to make older kids poorly, but small amounts can be dangerous for very young children.