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Last Updated: Thursday September 25 2008 15:38 GMT

Argh! Captain Jack is coming back

Johnny Depp

Get ready to set sail for a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, with Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack.

Depp is set to return as the swaggering skipper of the Black Pearl, and will also be appearing on screen in other films for Disney, who made the trilogy.

There's no news yet if stars from the first three films like Keira Knightley or Orlando Bloom will be back.

Depp is also going to be the Mad Hatter in a new Alice In Wonderland film, and will star in the Lone Ranger too.

As well as a fourth Pirates film, Disney bosses also revealed the other movies they hope will be packing cinemas in the next few years.

A lot of them are going to be 3D, including the next big animated film from Disney called Bolt.

Another big 3D film on the way is Toy Story 3D, although it's not going to be around until the summer of 2010.

That film is being made by computer animation experts Pixar, who are also working on making the first two Toy Story films ready for 3D cinemas as well.