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Last Updated: Thursday September 25 2008 14:14 GMT

Boy in trouble over bald haircut

Kieron with his 'extreme' haircut

A row's broken out after a 14-year-old boy shaved his hair off for a joke, but his school didn't see the funny side.

Kieron Hawkins and his mates shaved all their hair off because they wanted to know what it would be like to be bald.

But the head teacher said their new dos were 'extreme haircuts' which broke school rules, so he made them have lessons on their own in a corridor.

Kieron's dad says the punishment was a bit harsh, but the school insisted pupils knew what was expected of them.

Although the boys have been allowed back in class now, Kieron said the whole experience had been tough.

"It's only hair," he said. "I don't feel that it's got anything to do with my learning and it's nothing to anyone else's learning, so it's not affecting anyone in a major way."

But head teacher Colin Taylor said pupils had to learn what was acceptable and the consequences of their actions.