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Last Updated: Wednesday September 24 2008 18:22 GMT

Adam checks out the Google phone

Newsround's Adam checks out the Google phone

Online search company Google is getting into phones.

They've created the computer programmes to help power a new type of 'smart phone' but is it any good?

We sent Adam to search for the answers.

"Google is used for billions of internet searches every year so I was really interested to see what the Google phone would be like.

It has a touch screen so you can scroll through the menus pretty easily. There is also a flip-out keyboard with tiny keys for typing texts and web addresses.

The web browser loaded up the Newsround website pretty quickly. You scroll round the page with your finger and can zoom in on bits. It took me a while to get the hang of that.

Technology expert Joe Minihane
Everyone is really excited about the software called Android that runs inside the phone. You can download loads of extra programmes from the web for it. The idea is that anyone can design new programmes.

One of them allows you to scan the barcodes of products and then gives you loads more info about them. Unfortunately that is only available in America at the moment.

There are few more of these smart phones coming out so it will be interesting to see what the competition is like.

There are only a few of the Google phones in the UK and they are seriously in demand, so I didn't have time to phone anyone to find out what making an actual phone call is like!"