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Last Updated: Wednesday September 24 2008 13:29 GMT

Google searches for phone success

The new Google phone

A brand new mobile phone is about to hit the market, and while it might look like all the others, it's got techie experts really excited.

That's because it's been built with help from Google, who most of you will know from trying to find things online.

Google hasn't built the phone itself, but it has made the computer programme that makes it work, called Android.

As Google has become so successful online, experts are waiting to see how popular their phone will be as well.

This new one has a touch screen, a flip-out keyboard and lets you surf the web on the move.

Mobile phones
There are lots of other phones around that do similar things to the Google phone, like iPhones and Blackberrys. Together they're all called smart phones.

But what's got the experts really interested in the Google phone is that anyone can write programmes for it, which other phone users can download.

Personalise your phone

People with the phones will be able to get those programmes, or applications, from an online shop, probably called the Android Market.

But, as with most new technology, the phone is unlikely to be cheap.

The handset will be free with contracts of more than 40 a month, although that will let you go online as much as you want for no cost.