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Last Updated: Tuesday September 23 2008 15:46 GMT

Pics: Your views on homework


Shaquile said: "If I had less homework and more spare time I'd probably play more football and tennis with my best friends."


Fery said: "Some of the tasks are things that I like doing like writing, so I don't really mind that much."


Millie said: "I do about one or two hours of homework a day and I think that's kind of average - not too much or too little."


Michael: "I think we need more homework because our teacher needs to challenge us a bit more."


Finley said: "I don't really get enough homework, because it doesn't take me long to do it, and I usually do it after I've done everything else."


Antonio said: "I do thirty to forty minutes of homework a week. I do three tasks and I think that's the average amount of work."


Sima said: "If I had less homework I would actually do my music, which is the keyboard. I'd practice more and listen to music and stuff like that."