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Last Updated: Tuesday September 23 2008 07:59 GMT

Young condors released into wild


Scientists in Argentina have released four Andean condors into the wild as part of a programme to help save the world's largest bird of prey.

The incredible creatures have a wingspan of more than three metres, and were once a common sight in the skies of South America.

But now there are only a few thousand left, because some of the places they like to live have been destroyed.

It's hoped the young birds will help the species survive.

The four chicks were born in captivity and looked after for a year before they were released.

The birds have a three-metre wingspan
Experts will keep an eye on them using radio transmitters and help feed them for the first year, to make sure they're ok.

Scientist Luis Jacome has been working to save condors from extinction for 20 years.

He has been breeding chicks at Buenos Aires zoo, and a total of 29 birds have now been introduced into the wild.