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Last Updated: Monday September 22 2008 14:29 GMT

Puttar film makers win court case

Hari Puttar and the Comedy of Terrors

The makers of an Indian film called Hari Puttar have won a court case to allow it to be shown in cinemas.

Hari Puttar - A Comedy of Terrors has been made by an Indian company, and the American company behind the Harry Potter films wasn't happy about it.

Warner Bros wanted the film banned because it said the Indian title sounds too much like their wizard movies.

But the court in India said film fans would know the difference and decided to let it be shown.

The court also heard that Warner Bros have known that Hari Puttar was being made since 2005, but waited till the last moment to bring the case to court.

After the court made its decision Warner Bros said it still thought the film's title would confuse people, and that it had been chosen for that reason.

Hari Puttar
But the producers of this new film said that Hari was a common Indian name and "Puttar" is Hindi for son.

Hari Puttar will be in cinemas in India on Friday.

The sixth film in the Harry Potter series, the Half-Blood Prince, will be in cinemas around the world next summer.