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Last Updated: Monday September 22 2008 11:02 GMT

I helped clean my local beach

Press Packer Ellen ready to help clean up her beach

Press Packer Ellen took part in the annual beach clean-up run by the Marine Conservation Society.

Here Ellen tells us what she found at her local beach and why it's important to put your rubbish in the bin.

"At the weekend I went with my family to our local beach to do a beach clean organised by the Marine Conservation Society.

We picked up litter along 100 metres of beach, we noted down the types of rubbish found and put it in a black bag.

Then at the end the rubbish was weighed and taken away, to be safely disposed of.

Plastic bottles

We do the clean four times a year to see if the rubbish is increasing.

Most of the rubbish we picked up was plastic bottles, cotton bud sticks, bags and fishing stuff.

Plastic takes hundreds or thousands of years to break down in the sea and is a danger to animals that can eat it or get tangled in it.

Down the toilet

All the rubbish collected at the beach gets weighed
All the rubbish collected at the beach gets weighed

There are always lots of cotton bud sticks at Sand Bay, which come from sewage works. We found 115 cotton bud sticks in our small group alone!

Therefore this shows that you should not throw anything down the toilet at all.

Sometimes I have found interesting things on the beach, like a mobile phone, a doll and a plastic chair!

Beautiful beaches

I feel this beach cleaning is important as it makes the beach safe for people and animals.

Just remember wherever you go, even if you are miles from the sea, your rubbish can still end up on our beautiful beaches.

So put your rubbish in the bin."

Ellen, 11, Weston-super-Mare

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