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Last Updated: Sunday September 21 2008 10:34 GMT

Boy, 3, helps to save mum's life

Jack with his mum Leanne

A three-year-old boy saved his mum's life by dialling 999 when she collapsed at their home in Scotland.

Jack used his mum's mobile phone to call the emergency services and tell them she was unconscious in the hall.

The phone cut out before he could give the operator all the information they needed, but Jack stayed calm, found another phone to use and called back.

After his mum Leanne was treated by ambulance crews, police said: "Without doubt, Jack has saved his mum's life."

Jack's mum had suffered an epileptic seizure, which is a mix-up in the brain that can cause someone to fall unconscious.

His dad was out at work, so police said Jack deserved lots of praise for knowing what to do to get help.

Inspector Duncan Ormiston said he thought Jack deserved a medal.

"For such a young boy to have the presence of mind to not only phone 999, but to phone us on another mobile phone after the battery had run down, is phenomenal," he said.