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Last Updated: Saturday September 20 2008 12:47 GMT

'Strangest' clock cost 1 million

The Time Eater clock

Check out the clock in all its glory

A huge new clock that cost a massive 1 million to make has been unveiled at Cambridge University - but this is no ordinary timepiece.

Some people are calling the Time Eater the strangest clock in the world, because it doesn't have any numbers or hands on it.

Instead, it features a huge grasshopper and has 60 slits cut into its golden face, which light up to show the time.

Its creator John Taylor said he "wanted to make timekeeping interesting".

Professor Stephen Hawking unveiled the huge clock
Professor Stephen Hawking unveiled the massive clock
The grasshopper moves around the clock face marking each second and triggering flashing blue lights which stop to show the right time.

But the clock is only accurate once every five minutes - the rest of the time the lights are just for decoration.

Dr Taylor, who was a student at Cambridge in the 1950s, said he decided to turn the clock inside out so you can see the seconds being eaten up.

It will now stand outside the library of his old college, Corpus Christi, where it will be on view to the public.