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Last Updated: Friday September 19 2008 17:13 GMT

In pics: YOUR views on junk food ads

Family watching TV

Do you ever see ads for junk food on TV? Well, you're not supposed to, because the government has BANNED TV channels showing them when kids' programmes are on.

Remote controls

But researchers have found the rules don't cover the programmes that kids are actually watching...

TV listings

The people who make the adverts say they've done enough and they're not breaking any rules... but what do YOU think?


Daniel said they shouldn't put adverts on when children's programmes are on, so kids don't nag their parents!


Marla said that if they keep putting adverts for junk food on, people will keep buying it.


Rebecca said: "I think they should put them on after 10 'o' clock or maybe nine, because children should be in bed by that time."

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